University of California, Santa Cruz

This APP developed at UCSC is a user friendly way to interact with RTI capture.

"RTI captures incredibly detailed surface texture of an object and allows for retroactive relighting for further study."

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The relightable dome reveals paint strokes, texture, and depth of different paint mediums.

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The relightable dome gives the viewer the ability to see markings from the printing press, or the paper fibre material.

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Many findings of textiles can be exemplified by animating the lighting conditions within the dome. The Relightable Dome is a great tool for museums conservators to better understand and quantify surface texture information for research as well as for educators to introduce the art works to the public.

Potential users: conservationists, educators, archeologists.

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photo booth

Discover dramatic expression movements by putting your face in front of the dome!

Potential users: Media & Entertainment companies , art festivals and public installatior.

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